U.S. Department of Energy

Federal Energy Technology Center, Morgantown, West Virginia (Asbestos abatement and conversion under KAI Technologies contract number DE-AC21- 94MC29249)

Fernald Environmental Restoration Management Corporation (FERMCO), Fernald, Ohio (Demonstration on radioactive asbestos)

U.S. Department of Energy, Oak Ridge Demonstration Project, Oak Ridge, Tennessee (Demonstration)

West Valley Nuclear Services Company, West Valley, New York (Demonstrated asbestos destruction with radionuclide removal)

Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site, Golden, Colorado (Demonstration)


U.S. Department of the Army

Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) (Cooperative Agreement for Redesign of Equipment)

Defense Logistics Agency (Demonstration on raw Serpentine and Amphibole )

U.S. Department of the Air Force

Griffiss AFB, Rome, New York (Permanent facility before realignment)


U.S. Department of the Navy

Bainbridge Naval Base, Port Deposit, Maryland (Asbestos abatement and conversion)
Power Companies

Public Service Gas and Electric (PSE&G) for an Electrical Power Research Institute (EPRI) project, Kearny, New Jersey (Asbestos abatement and conversion)

Consolidated Edison Company of New York, New York (Completed material handling, chemical minimization and material maximization treatability cost demonstration on
Con Ed ACM.

Exelon, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania (Asbestos abatement and conversion demonstration for Director of Environmental Operations


Private Industry

Madison Square Garden, New York, New York (Asbestos abatement and conversion)
Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection, Frankfort, Kentucky (Demonstration for State approval)


Insurance Industry

Marsh, Risk Management, New York, New York (Asbestos abatement and conversion demonstration for Senior Vice President of Risk Management)


Foreign Projects


ABCOV® has signed an exclusive License and Supply Agreement and has formed a Joint Venture with Environmental Solution Providers, (Technology) Pty, Ltd, Australian
trade name ABCOV-ESP.


ABCOV® has demonstrated the method to the South African government, and is working with the government to deploy and implement the ABCOV® process on South
Africa’s asbestos.