1. Permanent ABCOV® Asbestos Conversion Facilities may be built on the sites where asbestos abatement will be performed on a consistent and continuing basis. Examples of this would be a military facility, a power company, a large industrial complex, disposal site for asbestos destruction and volume-reduction: Recycle, Reduce and Reuse.


  2. Transportable ABCOV® Asbestos Conversion Systems may be mounted in a closed trailer with negative air to destroy asbestos from site-to-site.


  3. Skid-mounted ABCOV® Asbestos Conversion Systemscan be integrated into asbestos abatement. Asbestos is abated and destroyed on site, eliminating asbestos waste hauling and dumping. When the abatement is complete, the ABCOV® equipment can be cleaned and transported for the next project.


  4. The ABCOV® mixing system can be scaled to the user’s needs:
    1. Waring blender for lab destruction
    2. 50-gallon system to support small abatement projects
    3. Scale to meet the customer’s needs
  5. The simplicity of the ABCOV® Asbestos Conversion System provides minimum downtime. All ABCOV® equipment and parts are commercially manufactured and available. The Abcov® system is low maintenance and has a long shelf life.