Corporate Leaders: Don’t Allow the Landfilling of Hazardous and Regulated Waste Haunt Us!

Corporate Leaders: Don’t Allow the Landfilling of Hazardous and Regulated Waste Haunt Us!

The holiday season is coming: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s.

I am asking the corporate leaders who claim aggressive recycling programs and zero waste to landfills to think during this holiday season in terms of zero hazardous waste and zero regulated waste to landfills.

I would bet my Halloween pumpkin that no corporation wants to admit the extent of their hazardous or regulated waste environmental liabilities or even the fact that they have asbestos or any other hazardous or regulated wastes in their facilities and/or stored in landfills, a huge negative to the corporate bottom line!

I give presentations and demonstrations of my process that stops asbestos cradle-to-grave liability and I thought you might be interested in some of the corporate feedback I received.

Environmental Manager, Major City Utility: “Our CEO will be retired by the time this comes back to haunt us.”

Senior Vice President Legal and General Council of one of the largest oil and refinery companies in the world: “I spoke to our environmental department and they said it’s not necessary to destroy our asbestos, we landfill it.” Not a wise decision.

Head Environmental Attorney for a major Fortune 500 company: “The next building we buy with asbestos, we’ll call you.” I walked away and asked myself what about all the asbestos you presently have in all your many facilities around the world?

My favorite: I was asked to speak at an Asbestos Litigation Conference. Asbestos litigation is a multibillion dollar industry that the legal profession possibly spends more money on advertisement than Coca Cola. Why in God’s name would asbestos litigation lawyers want to hear from me, when maybe I can start to solve the asbestos problem? They really didn’t. It was my turn to speak, the moderator, an attorney, purposely used up my time leaving me two minutes. I saw this coming so I rapped off all the positives about ridding our environment of asbestos. He then made this brilliant remark: “I suppose you can turn water into gold?”

Don’t get me totally wrong, the corporate environment concerning hazardous and regulated wastes is starting to change — slowly— but changing.

Thus the holidays:

Halloween: If you think of hazardous and regulated wastes as Halloween with forever haunting ghosts make no mistake about it, the ghosts of these hazardous and regulated wastes will haunt the corporations through eternity unless these corporations do something about it.

Thanksgiving: It will be a great Thanksgiving in a new world when these wastes are out of our environment by aggressive corporate initiatives.

Christmas and Hanukkah:  The gift of Christmas and Hanukkah to all will be technological solutions to the hazardous and regulated waste problems with rigorous implementation of these technologies mandated by corporate leaders.

The New Year: Solving these problems will provide a myriad of New Years with corporate sustainability and corporate financial stability through many generations, and most importantly, a glorious future of a healthy environment for our families, our children and our grandchildren.

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