Operations Team


Tony Nocito: Mr. Nocito, Managing Director, developed and commercialized the unique ABCOV® system. He brings 34 years asbestos abatement experience, has managed major programs for military and commercial clients, plus 24 years construction/demolition industry experience.

Bill Mirick: Mr. Mirick is a Chemical Engineer with extensive experience in asbestos abatement, and is credited with developing the chemical formulations of the ABCOV® Method of asbestos conversion. He spent 34 years at Battelle Memorial Institute, Columbus, OH and has also worked with the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Canadian Government to train coordinators on procedures for asbestos removal. He holds nine US patents, five of which are ABCOV® Patents.

Charles Hardy: A Chemical Engineer with over 25 years experience. Mr. Hardy has managed a number of projects involving chemical processing and environmental issues for the demilitarization of chemical munitions.  In addition, he is a Registered Professional Engineer and Certified Industrial Hygienist. 

Gerry Schwartz: A Chemical Engineer with 30 years experience in Regulatory Compliance, Health and Safety. Mr. Schwartz has specialties in Asbestos Materials Management, Hazardous Waste Site Health and Safety. In addition, he is a Certified Industrial Hygienist and Certified Safety Professional.

Michael J. Rinaldi: Mr. Rinaldi is a Chemical Engineer with extensive training in plant unit operations, including hydrotreating, acid treating, blending, distillation, and waste water treatment. Mr. Rinaldi manages all aspects of capital budget projects from concept inception through implementation. While Mr. Rinaldi was at US Army Edgewood Chemical and Biological Center, he managed projects involving chemical and biological warfare agent demilitarization and remediation efforts, ranging from $40K to $4M, as well as the ABCOV® Project.

Dennis Bolt: Mr. Bolt is Mechanical Engineer with more 26 years of experience at US Army Edgewood Chemical Biological Center (ECBC).  Mr. Bolt is the Senior Project and Business Unit Manager at ECBC, who managed Cooperative Agreement between US Army ECBC and ABCOV®. Mr. Bolt was involved in the design, development and testing of a modular, scalable asbestos conversion system. His work included developing specifications for processing equipment, conducting technical trade off analysis of equipment, developing operating procedures, and conducting systemizations testing of a large scale integrated ABCOV® chemical/mechanical system/process.

Harvey Haynes: (Civil Engineer Concrete Expert) has focused his career of 40 years on the study of concrete as a construction material. He conducted research on concrete for 15 years for the Navy’s Civil Engineering Laboratory. As an authority on concrete, he taught a graduate level course at the University of California at Berkeley. As an author, he published over 70 technical papers on concrete, determined durability of concrete to marine environments and to municipal landfill leachates. Investigated distress to pre-stressed concrete structures. Wrote quality control program for high strength concrete (10,000 psi). Wrote concrete specifications for hot weather placement, repairs, high-traffic warehouse slabs, and other unusual conditions. Mr. Haynes has 10 renowned professional standing, one of which is American Concrete Institute, President of the Northern California and Western Nevada Chapter, 1992, and Director 1987-1990.